Laura Raccuglia – A&E Editor

Laura is very excited to be on the editing staff for the Minstrel as the A&E Editor! She is a sophomore musical theatre major, and an officer for the DSU tap club. During her senior year in high school, Laura took a journalism class and fell in love with writing articles! She loves to dance, and to go to Disney World. She loves Disney so much that she went twice during … [Read more...]

Noah Goldberg – Editorials Editor

Noah Goldberg is a senior Pharmaceutical marketing major and the Editorials Editor of the Minstrel.  His main activities on campus are writing for the paper and being treasurer of the IDEAS club.  He also enjoys volunteering for many of the different events on campus such as Relay for Life.  He spent the summer working for his father’s business and spent some time at the Jersey … [Read more...]

Raymond Horchos – News & Feature Editor

Raymond Horchos is a Junior Political Science and Psychology Major and the News and Features editor of the Minstrel. He is involved in Knights of Columbus, President of Model UN, SGA Junior Class President, CRS Advocacy Leader, PACE Advisor, and many more. Currently he is studying abroad in Rome, and over the summer he worked at the Republican Committee of Chester County … [Read more...]

Bracelets That Clean the Ocean

By Victoria Miller Staff Writer Our oceans are more than just calming, endless waves that help people cool off during the summer. They contain 97% of the Earth’s water, help transport goods across the world and offer many recreational activities like surfing and fishing. While most people appreciate the oceans, some don’t realize that they inhabit over 750,000 known … [Read more...]

Bulldogs take on eSports

By Andrew Beers Staff Writer DeSales is suiting up as they take on a whole new program in their athletic department, eSports. ESports consists of popular competitive video gameplay, usually between professionally paid teams. Recently, on a national scale, eSports has been growing rapidly on a collegiate level. DeSales has finally joined the bandwagon and is not only proud … [Read more...]