Dr. Schulz lectures on how religious hypocrisy undermines faith

By Ellen Cicchitti Layout Editor On Thursday Sept. 20, Dr. Joshua Schulz, associate professor of Theology, gave a public lecture in the Trexler Room of the DUC on the topic of religious hypocrisy, entitled “A Whitewashed Tomb: Should Catholic Hypocrisy Undermine Faith?” This lecture has come out of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report indicting the Catholic Church of the … [Read more...]

Catholic Priest Scandal: How Hierarchy and Community Clash

By Andrew Beers Staff Writer In early 16th-century Europe, priests and others in Catholic hierarchical clergy began selling indulgences as a way to collect money to build new churches. Lay people could purchase these indulgences in return for forgiveness of their sins. This was questioned by others in the Catholic Church and inspired Martin Luther to write his famous … [Read more...]

Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal emits a response from DeSales

By Chris Shaddock Editor-in-Chief On Aug. 14, a report was released called the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report which entailed an investigation of six Catholic Dioceses within Pennsylvania due to allegations of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. One of these dioceses was Allentown. Bishop Joseph McShea and Bishop Thomas Welsh, which DeSales’ McShea Student Union and … [Read more...]

“Sexual Orientation” Missing From Non-discrimination Policies

By Kellie Dietrich Editor-in-Chief DeSales strives for students to “Be who you are and be that well;” however, it is very controversial whether DeSales is including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students if they do not explicitly state “sexual orientation” in their policies. The student handbook, faculty handbook and all policies at DeSales lack a … [Read more...]