My Spanish Adventure

By Kari Condel Staff Writer Breathtaking sights, incredible food and a vibrant culture are all ways to describe Spain. Studying about the nature and culture of this country is one thing, but having the opportunity to visit the country itself is truly life-changing. As a Spanish major, it was a dream come true to assess where I am with the language, where I want to be and … [Read more...]

Influence of Sphere

By Will Edwards Managing Editor Headed back to Athens on a ferry from the Grecian island Aegina, where Minstrel Sports Editor Chris Shaddock and I had just spent the day tooling around on a four-wheeler, we met a young couple in their late-twenties from Chile. Our conversation, as they always seem to do with strangers while abroad, turned toward our nationalities and … [Read more...]

From the Editor’s Desk: I’m Not Irish

I am of Polish, Russian and Italian descent. I have no ancestors from Dublin or Cork. When you say Kilkenny, I think you’re quoting “South Park.” All of this is just as true on March 17 as it is any other day of the year. In short, I don’t subscribe to the notion that “everyone’s a little Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day. You may think I’m being needlessly harsh, like I’m a St. … [Read more...]

Not a ‘Netflix and Chill’ Kind of Night: Students Come Out for Single and Ready to Mingle

By Gabrielle Parisi and Jeana Teddick Journalism I Students “I haven’t been kissed yet, and I’m twenty!” said a frazzled student to Magdalene Riggins, director of campus ministry, about six years ago. It was then, Riggins realized, that “I had to do something about students’ desire to meet someone on campus... in a healthy and safe atmosphere.” Thus, Single and Ready … [Read more...]