Orientation: Pass go and collect 200 people you’ve never met

By Victor Porcelli Staff Writer Orientation was full of different events with varying levels of fun and importance, but all of the events were meant to prepare the freshman class for the year ahead. Provided with freedom, as none of the events were mandatory, freshmen had their first taste of what it means to be an independent person. It was up to them to decide which … [Read more...]

Do This, Not That: DeSales Freshmen Edition

By James Evans Staff Writer This past August, a brand new group of youthful, mildly enthusiastic freshmen came to DeSales with all sorts of styles, personalities, habits and ideas. Coming to a new environment is always unnerving, as there are customs and unwritten rules that dictate how one should act. The largest issue that these students face is that to find out these … [Read more...]