Trip to Italy a Real Treat

By Ellen Cicchitti Staff Writer From May 20-29, I went to Italy with my family where we stayed in Sorrento, Florence and Rome, making a few stops along the way. The first impression I had when we arrived to Sorrento was that Italy is compact. Small houses pressed close to each other and tiny cars were all along the tight, narrow streets that made driving seem like a … [Read more...]

Explore Fort McHenry, Battle of Baltimore site

By Jeana Teddick Staff Writer In 1814, with “the rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air,” citizens once watched 1,000 American soldiers valiantly defend Fort McHenry in the Battle of Baltimore. The Fort McHenry National Monument enshrines this famous battle, serving as the birthplace of various extraordinary historic events, including the origin of the country’s … [Read more...]

Orchid Extravaganza open through March

By Lauren Trumbull Editorials and Features Editor Standing at the edge of the grass you slowly inhale the floral fragrance while you let the sun warm the back of your neck. This is the third field you’ve been to at Longwood Gardens, not counting the numerous rooms you entered earlier in the Conservatory, but each garden is more beautiful than the last, creating a new and … [Read more...]

Valley Voyage: McCoole’s Red Lion Inn offers food, drinks, theater

By Allison McCausland Online Editor Looking for a more out and about place to spend the weekend? Or perhaps a throwback to the classic “dinner and a show” that seems to only happen in more commercial and fast-paced areas? If so, then McCoole’s Red Lion Inn is the place to visit. A location with rich history that started in 1750, McCoole’s is one of Quakertown’s gems … [Read more...]

Valley voyage: Pappy’s Orchard and Bakery is simply delicious

By Allison McCausland Online Editor  With the winter months not ending soon enough and the holiday season being over, it is easy to miss the freshness of fruit of the warmer months, or baked goods with a homemade quality. This can be found in the Lehigh Valley’s rustic, old-fashioned Pappy’s Orchard and Bakery. A family owned and operated business; customers get the … [Read more...]