Using the word gay as a negative connotation

By Victor Porcelli Staff Writer Just as American society has developed to condemn violent acts based on gender or race, it has developed to do so concerning issues of sexuality. Of course, this is not always true. However, work still needs to be done to make it so, but in a general sense it can be accepted as a statement. What it leaves out is any act against an … [Read more...]

“Sexual Orientation” Missing From Non-discrimination Policies

By Kellie Dietrich Editor-in-Chief DeSales strives for students to “Be who you are and be that well;” however, it is very controversial whether DeSales is including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students if they do not explicitly state “sexual orientation” in their policies. The student handbook, faculty handbook and all policies at DeSales lack a … [Read more...]

LGBT Forum Cancellation Causes Concern

This article was originally published in Issue 13, Forty-Ninth Year of The Minstrel (April 15, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue. An open forum called “LGBT and DeSales,” planned by the Solidarity Initiative and originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, has been canceled. The forum would have been the first of its kind at DeSales University. Solidarity … [Read more...]