Culture shock: Ireland meets Lehigh Valley

By Allison McCausland A&E and Online Editor Football, or by its more Americanized name of soccer, is one of the most widespread sports on the globe, connecting almost every country in ways big and small. It can even function as a familiar face for those who travel to different countries as they explore the exotic cultures around them. At least that is the case for … [Read more...]

Opportunity of a Lifetime for International Students

By Steve Manzo Staff Writer This semester DeSales welcomes the newest group of foreign students that have come here through our international program. With nine students joining the university, it is the biggest group of international students to date. These students hail from many different places including Australia, England, Ireland and Spain. During their … [Read more...]

Soccer Team Sees Green on Spring Break in Ireland

By Antonia Spano Staff Writer The DeSales soccer team is allowed to take an international spring break trip every three years, per NCAA rules. This year, they traveled with their coaches and families to Ireland, where they played two club teams and attended famous tourist attractions together. “[Only] coaches and 20 parents are coming,” Crampton explained before the team … [Read more...]

From the Editor’s Desk: I’m Not Irish

I am of Polish, Russian and Italian descent. I have no ancestors from Dublin or Cork. When you say Kilkenny, I think you’re quoting “South Park.” All of this is just as true on March 17 as it is any other day of the year. In short, I don’t subscribe to the notion that “everyone’s a little Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day. You may think I’m being needlessly harsh, like I’m a St. … [Read more...]