On marriage: Be revolutionary

By Maria Foreman Staff Writer I was at a party during the holidays last year talking to my newly-wed cousin. She had just gotten married to her fiancé and so I asked her how married life was going. Her answer broke my heart. She said, “Umm, it’s not that much different”. I thought to myself, “not that different?” How can it be “not that different?” Marriage is supposed to … [Read more...]

Servant love: Gerhart tells students her love story at Agape Latte

By Jaci Wendel News Editor This semester’s Agape Latte program, a nationally syndicated speaker series that invites students to hear the love stories of faculty and staff, appropriately kicked off the day after Valentine’s Day, Feb. 15, with one of DeSales’ most loved staff members, Jaime Gerhart, director of the Center for Service and Social Justice. Gerhart begun her … [Read more...]