Catholic Priest Scandal: How Hierarchy and Community Clash

By Andrew Beers Staff Writer In early 16th-century Europe, priests and others in Catholic hierarchical clergy began selling indulgences as a way to collect money to build new churches. Lay people could purchase these indulgences in return for forgiveness of their sins. This was questioned by others in the Catholic Church and inspired Martin Luther to write his famous … [Read more...]

DACA: All you need to know

By Victor Porcelli Staff Writer DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a policy enacted by President Obama on June 15, 2012, which grants individuals meeting certain requirements temporary safety from deportation. Applicants are required to have been under 16-years of age upon their arrival, been in the country for at least five years, … [Read more...]

Download and Read the First Issue of 2016 Featuring Coverage of Heritage Week, Basketball Mid-season Updates and More

Download 2016's first issue of The Minstrel (February 4, 2016)! This issue features coverage of the 11th Annual Heritage Week, a profile on the late Rev. Schubert, Super Bowl 50 predictions, and an update on the men's and women's basketball teams' seasons. 50-8 Final Articles Featured: "11th Annual Heritage Week Overcomes Snowy Start" by Kimmie Semiday "Student … [Read more...]

He Said What? Cardinal Dolan’s Funniest Moments From the Furphy Lecture

By Will Edwards Sports Editor This article was originally published in Issue 6, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (November 19, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue. Timothy Cardinal Dolan set the tone for last week’s Furphy Lecture when he, approaching the podium, put his zucchetto on the heads of university President Rev. Bernard O’Connor, OSFS and the … [Read more...]