A List of gateway classic films for any movie-lover

By Allison McCausland A&E and Online Editor Classic movies are often referenced or parodied in current media platforms, but few people actually have seen the films that famous lines, scenes or character caricatures are from. Granted, the dated nature of some can make it hard to sit down and watch, but these gateway gems make watching and finding other films like them … [Read more...]

On the Cheaters who wrote Syfy’s ‘Helix’

By Peter Blair Contributing Writer It has been a month or so since the finale of the second season of “Helix” on Syfy. After letting the entire series percolate in my mind, I’ve got to say, I feel let down. It wasn’t because of any typical letdowns – not because the ending of the season left too much unresolved, that the bad guy got away, that the wrong guy got the girl or … [Read more...]