“Revealing Hate:” Documentary and discussion about white supremacy

By Victor Porcelli Staff Writer On Nov. 9, the DUC held an event to showcase and inform students about white supremacy and certain hate groups of both the past and present. Professor Gracey, who specializes in American politics, hosted the event, leading a discussion afterwards on the topic. The centerpiece of the event was a documentary called “Revealing Hate,” which … [Read more...]

Not a ‘Netflix and Chill’ Kind of Night: Students Come Out for Single and Ready to Mingle

By Gabrielle Parisi and Jeana Teddick Journalism I Students “I haven’t been kissed yet, and I’m twenty!” said a frazzled student to Magdalene Riggins, director of campus ministry, about six years ago. It was then, Riggins realized, that “I had to do something about students’ desire to meet someone on campus... in a healthy and safe atmosphere.” Thus, Single and Ready … [Read more...]

LGBT Forum Cancellation Causes Concern

This article was originally published in Issue 13, Forty-Ninth Year of The Minstrel (April 15, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue. An open forum called “LGBT and DeSales,” planned by the Solidarity Initiative and originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, has been canceled. The forum would have been the first of its kind at DeSales University. Solidarity … [Read more...]