Don’t rely on social media for your news intake

By Ellen Cicchitti Layout Editor Many people use social media, no matter what their age. I’ve seen teenagers as young as 13 conversing with people around the age of 70. Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, provide people to hear different viewpoints and see other parts of the world through another’s posts. Even though I have a Facebook, and even though I … [Read more...]

Social media increases confidence

By Lindsay Wigo Editorials Editor Unlock any young adult’s phone and you are bound to see Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Have you noticed any 20-year-old that doesn’t whip their phone out as soon as school is over? It’s becoming second nature to have social media always at our fingertips. We are living in such a technology-dependent time period that we can … [Read more...]

Charlie Charlie, are you real? Responses from science and spirituality

By Jaci Wendel   With almost three weeks having passed since the last day of the semester, you’re probably starting to feel the summer boredom start to creep in. Why not spice up your life by summoning a demon? That’s how lots of people on all forms of social media – most notably Vine and Twitter – are spending their time with the recently popular “Charlie Charlie … [Read more...]

Epic Alley-Oop Lands Bulldogs on ESPN Twitter

This article was originally published in Issue 8, Forty-Ninth Year of The Minstrel (January 28, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue. The DeSales men's basketball team lost the championship game of their annual Holiday Tournament to McDaniel College, 77-73, but that’s not what the team will remember best about Jan. 4. Sophomores Kuity Slanger and Ryan Callahan … [Read more...]